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Users that have registered as sellers, will get 35% discount for decals in our store. You can share this discount with your customer from 1 to 20% (Earning 35%-15%). When customer visits our store from your unique link and/or use your discount code while purchasing stickers, your earnings will be determined by the percentage you share %. Even though the customer does not use the discount code, but purchase from your link, you will get paid. All the upcoming purchases from the same customer will provide you the same earnings. Sharing your discount helps increase the sales. See the example bellow.

If the base total price of sold stickers is $100.00 and you set a 10% discount then the sale price will be $90.00
Consequently, you will earn $22.50

Slide to select discount, that you will offer to your friends:10 %

Customer would save 10 $

You would earn: 22.5$

Through our affiliate scheme you can earn up to 35% for every sale. Payments are sent via PayPal after you reach the minimum pay-out of $20 or you can spend your money while purchasing stickers for you.


StickyArtEu.com Story.

  • April 2007

    StickyArtEU started much earlier than the sale of the first decal. It started with a car – Honda Prelude which is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. It was the second car of the founder of StickyArtEU Andrius. read more...

  • November 2011

    Sale of the First Decal

    Our first ever vinyl decal was sold in a local car meet.

  • 2012

    The Year of Take off

    Certificate of Achievment Presented to Andrius(founder of StickyArtEu) for outstanding support to the US Army, Non-Standard Rotary Wing Aircraft Project Management Office.

  • November 2014

    Global Sales Expansion

    Started selling decals on eBay globally.

  • 2015

    Quality Matters

    We ensure the cutting quality by using top-of-the-line Summa cutters that top all the other competitors. We guarantee the durability of our stickers making them only from the top-quality vinyl films (3M, Oracal, Rtape). Video...

  • April 2015


    The StickyArtEu brand name was created in 2015

  • 2016

    Mi-17 and Cabri G2

    First decal and stencil sets were made for Helicopters Mi-17 and Cabri G2

  • May 2017

    Staying On Top of Fashion

    StickyArtEu team visits Tuning World Bodensee (Germany)

  • Today

    We have over 15.000 happy customers all around the world

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Founder, Lead Marketer

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Lead Designer

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Lead Copywriter

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